martes, enero 20, 2004


¿cuanta información generamos?, apunta How much information is out there?:

"Here comes some tidbits from the executive summary:
1) The World Wide Web contains about 170 terabytes of information on its surface; in volume this is seventeen times the size of the Library of Congress print collections.
2) Instant messaging generates five billion messages a day (750GB), or 274 Terabytes a year.
3) Email generates about 400,000 terabytes of new information each year worldwide."

Del estudio How Much Information? de la universidad de Berkeley.

Impresionante Año ¿no?.

monochrom lo pone más poético.

"The figure of 800 megabytes is approximately twice as much as the figure for 2000. Since 1998, more information has been produced by humans than had been produced in the entirety of human history up to that time (incl. emails, text messages, telephone conversations etc.).

Thus we have experienced a lot."

Via Fall In Blog and boing boing

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