miércoles, agosto 17, 2005

Libros de Fotografía: democratic books

¿Quieres imprimir tu libro de fotografía? puede ser posible gracias a Democratic Books:

It's free for everybody!
Anybody may apply. It doesn't matter if you are an amateur, student, or professional photographer. Do you have something you want to be published? We are open to any discussion about photography.

Just send us a CD with 24 - 30 images at a size of 11 x 11 cm [also inches] with resolution of 300 dpi and a text file, in english. If we like the series, we will edit it and make a democratic book. The book will be published at this web page for down loading as a PDF. You will receive the images on CD as a printable PDF with images saved as CMYK-files.

The photographer always retains the copyright of his pictures. We just do the edition and the design of the book.

Actualmente hay 10 libros. Que se pueden descargar en PDF para imprimir. Me gustaron especialmente los libros 8, 5, 2 y 1: Rivers of India, Serpentine Swimmers, In the Park y Rio-Santos 9Places, respectivamente; me impresiono el libro 4: A Bhopal Recollection, sobre la tragedia de un escape de químicos en Bhopal, India, ocurrida en 1984.

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