miércoles, septiembre 03, 2003

One thing leads to another: Futurismic excellent commentary on science fiction directs me to creative commons, just the deed is visually attractive, but the content is even more attractive Take Another Little Piece of My Art, with important commentary on intellectual property in the US, lead me to opsound an interesting record label using an open source model: is this the future? or are this small flames that will die? Opsound is part of activefreemedia.org another interesting project. Colin Mutchler composed a nice solo guitar song that deserves to be heard My life.
And back to science fiction I found this: "we are supposedly in the Golden Age of SF, except there are no young writers, no young readers, the content is focused on the interests of a narrow age range and the field can't pay a living wage. I guess that still makes it a Golden Age to some. But not for me. Alan Lattimore", you can read the full post here. The comment makes sense to me, now 34, and long time science fiction fan: what are the childs reading on science fiction rigth now, where is their voice?
...and Mozart continues to sound on my speakers...

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